Aggregate Information About Personal Storage Facilities

Some self-storage companies provide a shuttle to and from their facility, so that the client can pick up the items directly at their facility. Others charge a small fee to use their facility each time. The majority of self-storage facilities rent out rows of large storage units that have large, secure lockable doors, the renters then put their personal belongings – including, furniture, appliances, clothes and electronics.

These units are climate controlled, which helps to protect stored belongings from damage and odors.Most personal storage facilities will wrap up and ship the belongings to the customer’s desired location. There may be a cost for this service, and it depends on the distance the belongings must be transported. Some companies deliver the items in plain packages to ensure the privacy of the items. Storing personal belongings in storage units is a great option for people who do not have a lot of extra space.

Security Featured in a Storage Facility:

Some of the security features available for personal storage facilities are 24-hour security, intercom systems, private access codes and keyed locking cabinets.

When renting space in a self-storage unit, it is important to know what the security features are. You want to make sure you have the option to enter your unit at anytime, but also that the security features are high quality. Many companies offer high security options for their mini-storage units, such as padlocks, round the clock security and cameras.

If possible, try to find a facility that offers a combination of high security with low cost. Residential personal storage in Dubai are often located in residential zoning districts. The laws governing these storage facilities vary from city, county and state. The regulations regarding these areas may contain a provision limiting where a storage building is located. The location of the building may also restrict which types of buildings can be used there.


Before signing a contract with a new personal storage company, be sure to find out what the rate is for storing your belongings. The rate is an important consideration, because if you need to rent more storage than what the company provides, you may end up paying a substantial amount extra.

Some storage companies may charge by the month or day and may require you to pay an additional fee each time you use their storage facilities in Dubai.