Self-Defenses Classes That You Should Take

Is returning home late what keeps you from a full-time job at your desired firm? Have you been mugged while walking alone at night? Does it bother you too much if someone is alone in the elevator with you? Well, you know what you do need? Self-defense classes will help you learn to protect yourself in situations where you might not want to rely on, suppose the police reaching you on time. A study conducted by the University of Oregan showed that people who took self-defense classes felt more confident and more positive feelings about their bodies than those who did not.

You can never be too safe from an unfortunate occurrence, with all the kinds of events happening in the world around us it is important to know how to protect yourself even without self-defense equipment. Fortunately for you, the variety of self-defense classes in Abu Dhabi gives you an opportunity to protect yourself no matter where you are. Here are a few self-defense classes that you need.


Kickboxing is a type of combat sport that is very important in self-defense techniques. One of the reasons why is because it is much easier to learn kick-boxing than other self-defense techniques like karate and taekwondo. Secondly, an essential concept in kickboxing is to keep practicing the moves till you learn to them by muscle memory alone, this way you build muscle memory. Eventually, you will not have to worry about what moves come next, they will generally just come to you. Being a combat sport, you get the chance to actually judge people’s reactions and how to read their next moves better. It’s different from Karate because your nit simply punching a bag around. Kickboxing has significantly helped people lessen their reaction times and therefore improve their combat experience.


Karate is a different kind of self-defense technique because it not just teaches you how to attack but to break away from choke-holds like deadlocks. This is more useful for females because often times these are the moves they need to know to get of a situation where the perpetrator doesn’t necessarily want to kill or hurt you but wants you to comply with their demands. But a major disadvantage of this combat technique is that it doesn’t adapt to the reality of the unpredictable nature of combat. However, for self-defense techniques, Karate and taekwondo are two disciplines that continue to be the most popular of them all. If you were wondering where you could go to learn Karate you can simply search up Karate classes near me and you will find a range of options you can choose from.


As mentioned, taekwondo is another popular self-defense technique. Although it shares many similarities with Karate, this kind of technique is a merge of all kinds of techniques and involves a bit of footwork like boxing and kickboxing as well, it teaches you how to get rid of strange holds as well as attack the perpetrator. With all the different techniques and skills Involved it is no surprise that it takes a while before you can use it on the streets.