Top 3 types of Salsa for kids

Nowadays children show immense interest in learning dance and salsa. Some numerous schools and institutes offer salsa dance classes in Dubai for adults and children at different timings. However, there are different kinds of salsa. Many of them are boring but some of them are interesting to learn. The top three of them are

Columbian Style Salsa: 

As the name suggests, Columbia Salsa originated in Columbia. It is performed on Cumbia. Cumbia is a type of salsa music which has long pauses between the first and last three beats. The dance is limited to Columbia and certain groups; therefore, you cannot find Columbia salsa dance classes in other countries easily. Yet, you can see the most graceful performances on Cumbia in South and Latin America in which dancers dance and groove circularly while tapping on 4th and eighth pauses. You will see their feet moving from the side to the centre or vice versa. Yet, Columbia style is not as showy as other salsa styles.

Casino Rueda Style Salsa: 

It is playful and enjoyable salsa that everyone should see once in their lifetime. Unlike other types of salsa, Casino Rueda Style Salsa is a group dance in which couples dance in circles. The one person in the group is THE CALLER. He or she signals the next move to perform to the couples. The couples perform the guide moves as per the guidance of the caller. Casino Rueda Style Salsa was originated in Cuba at Havana. Guaracheros de Regla, a group of dancers, started it in the 1960s. It became popular soon and gave rise to Miami Rueda. Miami Rueda is a bit complicated and difficult but Casino Rueda can bring smile easily.

Cuban Style Salsa: 

Cuban Style Salsa is a male-dominated style in which you will be overwhelmed by the arm movements of the dancers that they keep flexible and limber. The dance has Afro Cuban style body movements. Afro Cuban style body movements are the fusion of hip movements and body isolation that dancer uses to move around each other. Unlike Columbian, the dance is showy. The male partner shows it steps and styles gracefully while viewers would be amazed by the hip movements of the female partner.  

So, these are the top three types of salsa that can bind your children’s interest in dance and let them learn fast and easily. You can even show them videos of the best salsa dance to encourage them or buy them dance costumes to motivate them.