Disadvantages of being a therapist

People love to pursue a field of their interest as their career and many people who pursue their interest will be experts in their field and they become more successful as well. If you have an interest in the field of psychotherapy Dubai then you should go for it and build an excellent name. But, you have to be aware of the disadvantages that come with this field as well and here you will get to know about them:

You have to deal with a lot of stress when you are in this field because you have to listen to the patients of different types and then you have to suggest different medicines and therapies to them and it will drain all of your energy and if you start working more in order to get more money then you will not be able to take care of your own mental health and as a result you will be stressed all the time.

When you are in this field then you have to be present in your clinic in the mentioned timings so that when patients will come to get the therapy then they will not have to go and come again while you are not in your clinic. This work will demand a lot of physical attention along with the mental attention so you have to be carefully selecting this field. When you do not take proper rest and take good diet then you will not be able to maintain your physical health and your profession will make your weak and lower your strength as a result you cannot provide proper treatment to your patients.

When you are giving time or sessions to your patients then it will be a difficult thing for you to listen to all the random thoughts every day and for the most part of the day. Sometimes it will drain all of your energy and you will feel emotional strain especially when you have to give therapy to a very disturbed or abused person. Your brain may be unable to get out of that phase even when your patient will go after getting the session that’s why you have to take breaks in between the sessions to keep your energy back for the next patient who will be waiting outside.

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