What do travel agents do and how to become one – A guide

What does a travel agent do? A travel agent is a person who makes bookings for people who want to travel for business or pleasure. This job involves arranging transportation and planning a client’s trip itinerary. Depending on the client’s budget and preferences, the travel agent may book a trip that includes first-class or coach air travel. A travel agent also plans and books all kinds of travel. Various travel agents offer attractive Georgia tour packages from Dubai; these agents can make your tour memorable. 

Working from home as a travel agent:

If you’ve always dreamed of working from home, you can be a travel agent and earn a commission for each booking. You can also charge a fee, but most travel agents offer their services for free, saving you money. To make the most of this lucrative career, you must continually educate yourself and love people. You can also choose to focus on a specific travel area, such as cruises, honeymoons, or local vacations.

Requirements to become a travel agent:

Whether you’re a high school graduate or have worked at a travel agency, there are certain requirements for becoming a travel agent. A high school diploma is required, but some colleges offer travel education courses to help you gain additional knowledge about the field. In addition, you’ll need to attend continuing education courses to maintain your certification. You should also have a thorough knowledge of the travel industry to help clients select the best trip for their needs.

Responsibilities of a travel agent:

Among the many responsibilities of a travel agent are the planning and selling transport services. These individuals help clients’ book transportation, make reservations for accommodations, and receive payments from the clients for their services. Travel agents help clients find the best place to go, what mode of transportation is the most efficient, and how much it will cost. Travel agents must have good communication skills and understand their clients’ needs to do this job successfully.


The qualifications of a travel agent vary depending on the company, but many employers look for candidates with formal education. Many travel agencies prefer candidates with a degree or other formal training, although pre-entry postgraduate courses are not essential. Travel agents must possess excellent computer skills, effective communication skills, and an aptitude for sales. They must be confident and desire to learn about the travel business. They must also be able to maintain positive client relationships.